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Ким Ларссон Drayich ‘загрузили видео на Youtube  вместе с ним пел Джон ’13abyKnight’ Андерсен. Текст можно найти в конце новости.


Hundred creeps have made you stronger
But it’s so long since we saw your pretty face
Team fight after team fight you been farming
Saying your tp was cd
Since level 1 we’ve been separated
We need your help now, because soon it is too late

We go top without you baby
But this time you said “I got bots”
You tp in when we’re dead
The damage you deal is simply just too much
They try to fight our baby
But after golem they’re to low
And fanboys write in forums, damn this baby put up a show

After finishing Buriza
He goes for MKB to get that ministun

And all our team goes bottom, except for baby killin maiden just for fun

We’re here without you baby
But he rebuys and tps in
He deals alot of damage
We’re closing in upon an easy win
We go to roshan maybe
I get the hounor to carry his null
You took both Cheese and Aegis
And now your inventory is so full
We’re here without you baby
But now you backdoored their rax
We’re not angry with you
You carried us to win a game at last

We’re here without you baby
And you are so professional
What could we do without you
I love to stay and carry your null

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