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brigitte foren kennen lernen chatten dating

I started with a bachelor’s in Political Science, and went on to a History master’s in Political Culture and National Identities, specialising in Political Debate. I chose this master’s because I really like the combination of politics, history and the Dutch language.

Within this specialisation you take subjects relating to political debates, ranging from the differences between the Netherlands, France and Great Britain, and the role of the Speaker in the House of Representatives to the tools that politicians can use in the current political debate. To give us a better understanding of the issues, we had a number of interesting guest lectures, by Job Cohen, former Labour politician, for example, and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Anouschka van Miltenburg.

Even though it’s a History master’s, this approach makes it very contemporary. So, if you’re interested in present-day politics, particularly Dutch politics, I can really recommend this specialisation! You learn to look at politics in a different way, and you’ll recognise a lot that you’ve come across in the tutorials.

I have just handed in my thesis on split-offs in parliamentary parties in the 20th century and next year I will be continuing this research here in Leiden. I’m also going to take the educational master’s in Civics so I can learn how to get the broad range of knowledge that I’ve gained across to other people.

As a BA graduate in Contemporary History from Leiden University enrolling in the Political Culture and National Identities master’s seemed the most logical option. What I like about the Leiden University History master’s, is that there is a lot of space available to focus on your topic of preference, with many different courses to choose from and the possibility to do electives outside the history department as well.

After my graduation, when working at Wikipedia on a heritage project, I was offered a job by, the online language platform. In October 2015 I moved to Hamburg, Germany to join their content team as a content and digital marketing assistant for the Dutch market.

I have drifted quite far from the historical field since graduating, but there are two things that I learned during my studies that stand out: first and foremost, I learned to write and speak English very well, which made it possible for me to find a job as a translator and educational material developer (Dutch and English); and second, I learned how to write text material, which is useful when writing material for the website and for Lexiophiles, the blog that I am in charge of as well.

brigitte foren kennen