Sustentabilidad y sostenibilidad yahoo dating

sustentabilidad y sostenibilidad yahoo dating

Our suppliers affect our water footprint primarily through their use of electricity. We encourage suppliers to use and discharge water responsibly, and provide tools that improve water management practices.

While our operations are not water intensive, water availability is a growing concern. We are committed to using less water, especially at operations in water-stressed regions.

Customers using our products account for most of our water footprint. This water is indirectly consumed through using electricity to power our devices and through paper manufacture.

All figures contained on this page are reflective of Hewlett-Packard Company prior to the company’s November 1, 2015 separation. HP Inc. metrics will be introduced to the site on an on-going basis as they become available.

1. Intensity is calculated as suppliers’ GHG emissions divided by Hewlett-Packard Company's annual revenue. This method normalizes performance based on business productivity. Intensity is reported as a three-year rolling average. Production supplier GHG emissions include Scope 1 and Scope 2. Data is through December 2014, the most recent year data is available.

2. Emissions intensity of the Hewlett-Packard Company product portfolio refers to tonnes CO 2 e/net revenue arising from use of high-volume product lines, including notebooks, tablets, desktops, mobile computing devices, and workstations; inkjet and HP LaserJet printers; and Hewlett-Packard Company servers, including industry standard servers, as well as Hewlett-Packard Company Moonshot and Hewlett-Packard Company Apollo.

3. Expressed as emissions generated per unit of output. Reflective of the Hewlett-Packard Company product portfolio prior to separation. Calculations for personal systems are based on energy use—measured as emissions per unit (a single device). Calculations for printers include energy use, paper, ink, and toner cartridges—measured as emissions per unit (a single device). Calculations for servers are based on energy use, measured as emissions per unit of work (a task performed by the system, as defined by industry standards).

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