Daddy s rules for dating pdf viewer

daddy s rules for dating pdf viewer

If my husband has a “soft spot”, it is that corner of his heart that is 110% devoted to his two daughters.  From the first moment newborn Laurelle, grabbed h old of his little finger in the intensive care nursery and their eyes met, he was in love, and she’s had him wrapped around her little finger ever since!  The same holds true for our youngest daughter, Carmen.  (Our son, Brett, has always claimed another significant “corner” of our hearts, but today it’s all about the girls.)

From the time Laurelle was a little girl, we prayed for her future husband.  We knew (and know  for both Carmen and Brett), that God has a plan and a purpose for their lives and that includes a perfect spouse for each of them.  We praise God that He brought Matt into Laurelle’s life.  He was the answer to our prayers for her and he has been such a blessing to our family!

Charles admits he wasn’t quite as successful at intimidating Matt, but it could have something to do with the fact that our son-in-law is 6’7″ and wiry.  Still, Charles tried to work the poor boy to death while Laurelle and Matt were dating…figured if he couldn’t chase him away, he would at least see if the boy had any staying power and stamina!  Congratulations, Matt, you survived!

Someone sent this to me years ago and every time I read it, I think of all those protective Dads out there, my husband especially.  In fact, I’ll dedicate Rule 10 to Charles.  He’s got his camouflage makeup ready for Carmen’s boyfriend…

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