Glee artie and tina dating advice

glee artie and tina dating advice

Arthur "Artie" Abrams is a major character on Glee . He is an alumnus of  William McKinley High School , where he actively participated in the school's Glee Club, New Directions  until his graduation. He is currently a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy in New York.

Artie is seen with Mercedes, Tina, and Mr. Schue practicing runs. He performs background vocals in Le Freak , a disco song he and the rest of the Glee Club hate. He suggests modern music to Will, who rejects his idea. Artie performs background vocals in Gold Digger and is present in a Will-less Glee Club rehearsal in which the club plans to appeal to the school's interest into sex appeal. He performs background vocals and has a solo in Push It to an enthused audience. ( Showmance )

Artie is present at a Glee rehearsal, in which Rachel tells Will his choreography is lame. He is also seen at rehearsal without Will. Artie and Tina clean cars at the Glee Club car wash fundraiser. Dakota Stanley kicks Artie out of the club due to his disability, which led to Tina leaving with him as well. Rachel stops them before they leave and she fires Dakota. ( Acafellas )

Artie is seen practicing with the Glee Club for Invitationals. Artie and the rest of New Directions are skeptical when April Rhodes joins the club. Artie is seen warming up with the Glee Club just before Invitationals, and he performs background vocals in Last Name and Somebody to Love . ( The Rhodes Not Taken )

Sue steps in as co-head of the Glee Club. She tries to make Mr. Schuester look insensitive to minorities by taking Artie and other minority students into her 'elite Glee Club. Artie performs background vocals in Hate on Me and Ride wit Me . Artie storms out of the auditorium with the rest of the Glee Club after Sue and Will argue, and performs background vocals in Keep Holding On . ( Throwdown )

Artie, Tina, and Mercedes avoid Dave Karofsky in fear of being hit by a slushie. Will suggests a mash-up with Bust a Move to the Glee Club, and Artie performs background vocals (and bass) in the song when Will begins singing it. Artie is present at Puck 's performance of Sweet Caroline and throws a slushie at Will with the rest of New Directions . ( Mash-Up )

When the group makes plans for Sectionals , Will discovers that the school won't give him a bus capable for Artie's wheelchair. When he informs the group that they need to raise money, the other students are unconcerned, saying that Artie can just ride with his dad. This visibly hurts Artie's feelings. He later sings Dancing with Myself . Disappointed at the New Directions behavior, Will forces the kids to raise the money with a bake  sale, and to ride in wheelchairs for a week to see how difficult it is for Artie to spend his whole life in a wheelchair.

Glee - Tina talks about her stutter and Artie says he.