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Dom Pedro I (English: Peter I; 12 October 1798 – 24 September 1834), nicknamed "the Liberator", was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil . As King Dom Pedro IV , he reigned briefly over Portugal , where he also became known as "the Liberator" as well as "the Soldier King". [A] Born in Lisbon , Pedro I was the fourth child of King Dom João VI of Portugal and Queen Carlota Joaquina , and thus a member of the House of Braganza . When their country was invaded by French troops in 1807, he and his family fled to Portugal's largest and wealthiest colony, Brazil.

Pedro I invaded Portugal at the head of an army in July 1832. Faced at first with what seemed a national civil war, he soon became involved in a wider conflict that enveloped the Iberian Peninsula in a struggle between proponents of Liberalism and those seeking a return to Absolutism . Pedro I died of tuberculosis on 24 September 1834, just a few months after he and the liberals had emerged victorious. He was hailed by both contemporaries and posterity as a key figure who helped spread the liberal ideals that allowed Brazil and Portugal to move from Absolutist regimes to representative forms of government.

Pedro was born at 08:00 on 12 October 1798 in the Queluz Royal Palace near Lisbon , Portugal . [1] He was named after St. Peter of Alcantara , and his full name was Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim. [2] [3] He was referred to using the honorific " Dom " ( Lord ) from birth. [4]

Through his father, Prince Dom João (later King Dom João VI ), Pedro was a member of the House of Braganza (Portuguese: Bragança ) and a grandson of King Dom Pedro III and Queen Dona (Lady) Maria I of Portugal , who were uncle and niece as well as husband and wife. [5] [6] His mother, Doña Carlota Joaquina , was the daughter of King Don Carlos IV of Spain. [7] Pedro's parents had an unhappy marriage. Carlota Joaquina was an ambitious woman, who always sought to advance Spain's interests, even to the detriment of Portugal's. Reputedly unfaithful to her husband, she went as far as to plot his overthrow in league with dissatisfied Portuguese nobles. [8] [9]

As the second eldest son (though the fourth child), Pedro became his father's heir apparent and Prince of Beira upon the death of his elder brother Francisco António in 1801. [10] Prince Dom João had been acting as regent on behalf of his mother, Queen Maria I, after she was declared incurably insane in 1792. [11] [12] By 1802, Pedro's parents were estranged; João lived in the Mafra National Palace and Carlota Joaquina in Ramalhão Palace . [13] [14] Pedro and his siblings resided in the Queluz Palace with their grandmother Maria I, far from their parents, whom they saw only during state occasions at Queluz. [13] [14]

A modicum of stability during his childhood was provided by his aia (governess), Maria Genoveva do Rêgo e Matos, whom he loved as a mother, and by his aio (supervisor) friar António de Arrábida, who became his mentor. [21] [22] Both were in charge of Pedro's upbringing and attempted to furnish him with a suitable education. His instruction encompassed a broad array of subjects that included mathematics, political economy , logic, history and geography. [23] He learned to speak and write not only in Portuguese , but also Latin and French . [24] He could translate from English and understood German . [25] Even later on, as an emperor, Pedro would devote at least two hours of each day to study and reading. [25] [26]

Despite the breadth of Pedro's instruction, his education proved lacking. Historian Otávio Tarquínio de Sousa said that Pedro "was without a shadow of doubt intelligent, quick-witted, [and] perspicacious." [27] However, historian Roderick J. Barman relates that he was by nature "too ebullient, too erratic, and too emotional". He remained impulsive and never learned to exercise self-control or to assess the consequences of his decisions and adapt his outlook to changes in situations. [28] His father never allowed anyone to discipline him. [23] While Pedro's schedule dictated two hours of study each day, he sometimes circumvented the routine by dismissing his instructors in favor of activities that he found more interesting. [23]

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