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Awakening The Self
Chakra Meditation
7 Chakras
Exploring Consciousness
Guided Meditation
Kundalini Energy
Meditation Benefits
New Age Studies
Third Eye

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"I am fortunate to have found the the University of Metaphysical Sciences study program in my efforts to continue my ongoing lifetime studies. I can recomend the studies to anyone who wishes to improve and expand their personal pespective about  life experience. I have over 800 books in my personal Informational Resources Research Reference Library and I have a very good basis for comparing information value. Your information is excellent, and while I am not an expert, I certainly am speaking with a voice of personal experience." — H.R., UMS Studen t

"I am absolutely thrilled with the course material so far. Interesting, thought provoking, and very informative! The extensive research on the materials makes an intriguing page turner." — N.P., UMS Student

"All of my quiet, inner work has brought me great changes, creating a super busy life for a few months. I thank you for your patience, as the changes are so positive in my life! (which you have assisted in, and I thank you). I do love the program and am planning to continue." — C.G., UMS Student

"Thank you so much!!!!!! My adventure with you has been wonderful and I thank you for all the growth and knowledge I have gained through you all! I truly wish you the best and from the bottom of my heart... Love and Peace." — B.V., UMS Student

"In terms of recommending UMS, clearly this is the best decision I have made to participate in. Perhaps of greater importance, this journey with UMS is the best gift ever.  Some of the goals have been met beyond the "expectations" that I have set at the beginning... with unexpected rewards/gifts in abundance ~ empowerment is one, and unexpected moments of bliss. " — C.M., UMS Student

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